This week’s style comes to us from Laurie Cutler, a stylist who is new to our salon but not new to the hair industry. Laurie is a graduate of the Aveda Institute and has been enjoying her work as a stylist for more than six years. As a mother of two young daughters (a one-year-old and a three-year-old), Laurie understands how important it is to have a hairstyle that looks great but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Busy mamas already have their hands full! That’s why she was the perfect stylist to assist with Heather’s transition from platinum blonde to a more natural balayage style.


Platinum Hair


Like Laurie, Heather is a mother of two. She’s also a full-time nanny and student. Her fun hairstyle – platinum infused with pink and purple fashion colors – had just become too much to maintain. Platinum requires an in-salon relightening every three weeks, and fashion colors – which are semi-permanent –need frequent reapplication. Heather wanted a look that was easier to take care of and required fewer trips to the salon. After her consultation with Laurie, Heather decided on a short bob with balayage highlights that match her natural color.


Here’s how Laurie did it:


First, she selected a color close to Heather’s natural tone and did a root stretch – essentially, covering the platinum with the new, natural color and feathering it down into the hair with a painted-on effect. Then, she melted the natural color into a second color that is slightly lighter than what she used at the roots. Finally, to add shine and to pull the color all the way through Heather’s hair, she added a natural-tone glaze on the ends.



Low maintenance bob

This natural look is gorgeous on Heather, and it comes with the added benefit of being easy to take care of. The short, angled bob can be dried and styled with minimal effort, and it doesn’t need much more than a trim every eight to ten weeks. Balayage highlights are subtle, and because Heather’s natural roots will blend in with the balayage, she will only need a retouch every four months or so. To add shine and help maintain color, a glaze can be applied every six to eight weeks. A less-intensive color regimen will also give Heather’s hair a much-needed break from over-processing.


Final Low Maintenance Bob


We loved helping this busy mom transition to this rich, natural look. Good luck with your to-do list, Heather! We know you’ll look great while you’re getting things done.


It’s not uncommon for us to sing the praises of L’ANZA, a company whose values are just as good as its products. L’ANZA Healing Haircare is environmentally conscious, never tests on animals, and uses oodles of natural botanicals and essential oils – all things that are good for your hair and your conscience. With all of our confidence in L’ANZA, we shouldn’t be surprised by the brilliance of Color Attach, their latest revolutionary product. And yet, the results of this color maintenance system have blown us away.


Here are two Color Attach products – developed to work in tandem – and how to use them:

Color Guard:

This product is essentially a shield for your hair. It prevents water-induced color fade by harnessing the power of the Lotus Plant leaf, one of nature’s most water-repellent surfaces. Swimmers, rejoice! Spraying this stuff on your dry hair before exposing it to chlorine will dramatically reduce color fade and breakage. You can also spray Color Guard on wet hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner. The antioxidants in the formula will prevent color degradation, and the weightless formula will leave hair soft and shiny.

Color Attach 1

Color Illuminator:

This spray-on product uses optical refraction technology to revamp older, faded color, making it appear richer and fresher than before. This product instantly illuminates color with renewed brilliance and shine – we’ve seen it happen! Trust us, this product will extend the life of your color. Just spray on dry hair as a finishing touch after styling. People will ask if you just walked out of the salon.

Color Attach 2

We’re not keeping this amazing secret to ourselves. So, if you have more questions about the L’ANZA Color Attach technology, drop in to either of our two locations and see the results for yourself.


The fall forecast is out, and it’s going to be a gorgeous season! Lots of beautiful color will start this month and go well into November. We’ll toast our pumpkin spice latte to that! So, if you’re planning a trip to the mountains where the color is truly spectacular, why not color your hair to match the leaves for some truly special fall photo opportunities? Here are two trends we love:


It’s balayage for fall. I think we’ve made it clear how much we love the gorgeous, swept-on sunlight look of balayage. That’s why we’re crazy about this new trend. For fall, ask your stylist for balayage in rich autumn colors like copper, caramel, bronze, and burgundy. Use the colors of fall for inspiration: the russet red of apple cider, the crimson of leaves, the orange-gold of pumpkins. In balayage (or falayage), the color is swept on for an easy, natural look.

Falayage Hair


Another look we’ve always loved is ombre. But right now, we really, really love the growing popularity of sombre color. Sombre is a subtler, more grown-up ombre that’s perfect for fall. With more seamless lines that cascade from root to end, the sombre effect can utilize a broader range of fall colors – gold and caramel shades for blondes and shades of ruby and wine for brunettes. Also, sombre leaves roots natural, which means less maintenance and a fuss-free, natural look.

Sombre Hair

Visit the salon today for a color consult and we’ll get you started on a gorgeous look for autumn. Better hurry – the leaves are already starting to fall!


The most popular makeup trends for autumn are bold lips and metallic eyes – but not both at the same time. Instead, opt for one or the other: a bold lip with a clean, natural face, or bright, metallic eyes with a nude lip. The idea is to keep the look simple while still dramatically highlighting one feature of your face. Here’s how to do it.


The Bold Lip:


We love a bright, crimson lip. And if you love autumn reds, you can even go a few shades deeper, making your lips a palette for scarlet or wine shades. The rich purple plum pictured here is also a favorite for fall. To pull off this look, start by deeply moisturizing your lips five to ten minutes before applying your lipstick. Then, use a lip liner to line and fill in your lips – a liner that matches your natural lip color is best. Then, apply your bold color of choice and use a flat concealer brush to clean up any lipstick or liner outside the line of your lips. For the rest of your face – go simple. A tinted moisturizer and a little mascara is all you should need. Your lips will be the star of this show!


bold lips


Metallic Eyes:


For fall, we love rose golds and coppery bronzes. To pull off this look, start with a lid primer on your eyelids. Then, press (don’t sweep!) the metallic eyeshadow directly on to to your eyelid. Sweeping instead of pressing the color on can cause messy “fallout,” leaving metallic glitter on your entire face instead of just your eyelids. Using a wet brush or your finger will also help to give you more control when applying the shadow. After application, use a clean blending brush to brush the shadow slightly past the crease. Next, apply eyeliner to upper and lower lash lines. To slightly smoke out the lower lash line, use a flat blending brush to apply a small amount of shadow there, starting at the outside of your eye and working your way in. Gently blend back and forth until the line is soft and smoky, not dark or harsh. Then, apply mascara. A

nude gloss on your lips is all you’ll need to finish off this look – it is your eyes that will be on center stage!

metallic eyes


You’re in luck – another fall hair tutorial from the talented stylist, Kathryn! This time, she’s going to show you how to pull off a side fishtail braid. This one is a little trickier than the messy bun tutorial from last week, but we totally believe in you! So, let’s get started!

Your hair can be clean or dirty for this style, though hair that needs washing tends to have more texture and may provide better hold. If your hair was curled the day before, even better!

First, you’ll need a hairband, several bobby pins, a comb, and L’ANZA Dry Texture Spray. L’ANZA Hairspray is optional.


Now, let’s get to that hair! Start by spraying L’ANZA Dry Texture Spray all over your hair, especially at the roots. This will give your hair more volume and texture, and thus, more hold. Then, section your hair at the part and use the comb to lightly tease the hair to add volume. To tease, lift hair a section at a time and use the comb to brush the hair back down towards the head. Again, do this gently, as you want a little volume on top, but not too much.

braid 2, 3, 4

Now, let’s start braiding. First, section off the hair from the back of your head, dividing it into two large sections. Starting from the top of one section, begin to create a regular three-strand braid, gathering more hair from the same large section as you work your way down. When you get to just about the bottom of your ear, band the braid off with a hair tie to hold in place while you work on the other side.

braid 5, 6, 7, 8

On the remaining section of hair, you will create the same braid and gather hair as you work your way down. However, this time you will

work the braid slightly sideways, across the back of your head towards the first braid. Once you reach the first braid, pull the hair band off and combine both braids.

braid 9, 10, 11

Now, section the hair into two pieces to begin your fishtail braid. Start with a small outer piece of one of the two sections of hair and pull it into the middle of the two sections. Then, repeat with an outer piece of hair from the second section. Keep the hair pulled taut as you braid. Keep weaving until you’ve reached the end of your hair. Then, band the braid off.

braid 12, 13, 14, 15

Lightly pull the braid apart to give a messier look, but don’t pull too fast or hard or you will pull the hair out of the braid. You can also pull on small pieces of hair all over the head to give a messier look and to add volume (again, don’t pull the hair out!).

braid 16, 17

Use bobby pins to secure hair in place, if needed. For a little extra hold, use L’ANZA hairspray. Done!

braid 18, 19


You look gorgeous! And we bet you’ll get lets of compliments on your hair!