Spooky costumes are an important Halloween tradition – the evening of candy gobbling and delicious thrills wouldn’t be the same without ghouls, goblins, vampires, and mummies. Still, some of our little ones are more interested in the sweet and magical side of dress-up, which means they’d rather be a fairy than Frankenstein or a princess than a pirate. And, of course, along with a magical costume comes magical hair. Here are a couple quick tutorials to help make your little one’s Halloween even more enchanting.


The Elsa Braid:


In 2014, the characters from Disney’s Frozen topped the charts of favorite Halloween costumes, and Elsa – the most popular Frozen character of all – has stayed at the top of the list. So, if your little one begs you to be Elsa this year, we’ve got you covered. Find an Elsa costume (or just use a blue dress matched with a silvery shawl), and follow this tutorial for a very special Elsa braid.


This is essentially a reverse French braid. To begin, detangle the hair and then brush it straight back. Gather three pieces of hair from the crown of the head.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Elsa Step 1

Then, begin braiding the three strands, pulling a little bit more of the loose hair into each of the three strands as you braid. For the reverse French braid look (where the braid appears to be elevated, or sitting on top of the rest of the hair), weave the outside sections underneath the middle section instead of weaving them over the middle section).


Halloween Hair Ideas - Elsa Step 2


Once you run out of loose hair to add in to the braid, simply braid the three strands together as a normal braid, continuing until you’ve reached the end of the hair’s length. Secure with a hair band.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Elsa Step 3

When the braid is finished, gently pull the strands apart, slightly loosening them so that the braid appears thicker.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Elsa Step 4


Finally, gently ease the direction of the braid over one shoulder, so that it hangs in front like a true Elsa braid. Finish with hairspray.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Elsa Step 5

The Fairy Crown Braid:


Another popular Halloween favorite is the fairy costume. Pick up a Tinkerbell costume, or simply pop on a pair of wings and let your little one wear their favorite dress or tutu. To top it off, try this beautiful fairy crown braid.


To begin, detangle the hair and brush hair around all sides of the head (so that it covers the ears, face, and neck).


Halloween Hair Ideas - Fairy Step 1


Next, begin a French braid by separating three pieces of hair from the nape of the neck. Braid up towards the forehead, pulling in loose hair to each strand as you braid. Keep the braid tight and close to the head.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Fairy Step 2

Keep braiding across the forehead and down the other side of the head, adding in loose hair as you go.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Fairy Step 3


When you have reached the end of the hair’s length, secure the end of the braid with a hair band. Then, pin the end of the braid beneath the beginning of the braid (where you started). Use as many pins as necessary to ensure a secure hold.


Halloween Hair Ideas - Fairy Step 4


Finally, gently pull the strands of the braid apart, slightly loosening them so that the braid appears thicker. Spray with hairspray and finish off with a sprinkling of “fairy dust.”


Halloween Hair Ideas - Fairy Step 5

Great job on your child’s Halloween hair! Now all you need to do is find a Halloween costume for yourself – don’t worry, we’ll take care of your hair!


Oh, how we love the big, beautiful hair of the 1950’s and ‘60’s! The Brigitte Bardot beehive, the Jackie O bouffant. They were glorious looks on glorious women, but they have become more iconic than practical –the looks of a bygone era. Still, teasing hair – the styling technique that creates all that volume – is not a thing of the past. We’re going to show you how a little teasing can go a long way to improve your daily style.

To tease your hair, you’ll need a fine-toothed comb (or a teasing brush), volumizing root powder or spray (like L’ANZA’s Powder Up), and hairspray.

Start by spraying your dry hair with the texturizing spray, focusing on the roots. If you’re using a powder, sprinkle the powder throughout your roots. Then, take a one-inch section of hair from the crown of your head and pull it towards your forehead.

Example of teasing hair

Hold the hair taut as you use the comb or teasing brush to backcomb a few times, starting with the comb about an inch or two from your head. To backcomb, simply brush the hair towards your head instead of away from it. This should create a mass of slightly tangled hair close to the scalp. The more volume you want, the more you should tease each section. Repeat this process until you have worked through all the hair at the crown of your head. At this point in the process, your hair might look a little wild. Don’t worry! The next step is where the magic happens.

examples of teasing hair

Lightly spritz the teased area with hairspray, then very gently use your comb to smooth over the top layer of hair. The teasing underneath will create volume while your top layer will look sleek.

Teasing hair

Teasing is an awesome trick for giving extra oomph to a short cut or for adding volume to longer, straight hair that tends to lie flat at the top. It’s also a great trick for covering up dark or gray roots. And hey, if you want to take this as far as the Brigitte Bardot beehive, we’re certainly not going to stop you.

Final of teasing hair

As always, you look beautiful!

October 11, 2016 - 1:54 am

Frank White - Tease Me Please


Got dark roots? Going gray? Listen up – we’ve got a stylist secret for you. We know it’s hard to get to the salon as soon as your roots start to peek out – especially for students with packed planners or busy moms juggling schedules. That’s why we want you to know about two amazing products that will cover your roots in the morning and wash out in the evening.


Style Edit:


Style Edit Root Concealer is formulated by scientists and stylists who are committed to good hair days for everyone. This lightweight, binding powder offers instant and complete coverage of dark or gray roots. It comes in dark, medium, and light variations of three different shades – brunette, blonde, and red (that’s nine shades!). The hidden sponge applicator allows for total precision, so the color ends up only where you want it – no messy residue on your fingertips or forehead. Style Edit powder covers gray, adds volume to your roots, and comes in a snazzy little pillbox container that fits in your purse or looks great on your bathroom counter. Oh, and it washes out with every shampoo. What more can you ask for?

style edit colors


ColorMe and GreyFree:


ColorMe and GreyFree by Guiliano are rich and vibrant temporary hair color options. Like Style Edit, GreyFree comes in nine different shades, though GreyFree uses a wand applicator instead of a sponge. To use, brush the color on at the root and roll it out towards the tip of the hair, as far out as your roots extend. The color is so effective that a small amount will easily cover even resistant grays (and in our experience, most of them are resistant!). Allow the product to air dry. To speed drying time, use a hair dryer. To remove, simply shampoo.


ColorMe is applied in the same way as GreyFree, but comes in fun shades like gold, copper, coral, rose, and tangerine. Talk about adding drama to your evening look! They can also be used for fashion shows and holidays (emerald for Saint Patrick’s day!). They’re especially fun for use with children and teens – brush team colors into your son or daughter’s hair before their favorite sporting event! And because this product washes right out with shampoo, it’s completely commitment-free color. How awesome is that?




This week’s style comes to us from Laurie Cutler, a stylist who is new to our salon but not new to the hair industry. Laurie is a graduate of the Aveda Institute and has been enjoying her work as a stylist for more than six years. As a mother of two young daughters (a one-year-old and a three-year-old), Laurie understands how important it is to have a hairstyle that looks great but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Busy mamas already have their hands full! That’s why she was the perfect stylist to assist with Heather’s transition from platinum blonde to a more natural balayage style.


Platinum Hair


Like Laurie, Heather is a mother of two. She’s also a full-time nanny and student. Her fun hairstyle – platinum infused with pink and purple fashion colors – had just become too much to maintain. Platinum requires an in-salon relightening every three weeks, and fashion colors – which are semi-permanent –need frequent reapplication. Heather wanted a look that was easier to take care of and required fewer trips to the salon. After her consultation with Laurie, Heather decided on a short bob with balayage highlights that match her natural color.


Here’s how Laurie did it:


First, she selected a color close to Heather’s natural tone and did a root stretch – essentially, covering the platinum with the new, natural color and feathering it down into the hair with a painted-on effect. Then, she melted the natural color into a second color that is slightly lighter than what she used at the roots. Finally, to add shine and to pull the color all the way through Heather’s hair, she added a natural-tone glaze on the ends.



Low maintenance bob

This natural look is gorgeous on Heather, and it comes with the added benefit of being easy to take care of. The short, angled bob can be dried and styled with minimal effort, and it doesn’t need much more than a trim every eight to ten weeks. Balayage highlights are subtle, and because Heather’s natural roots will blend in with the balayage, she will only need a retouch every four months or so. To add shine and help maintain color, a glaze can be applied every six to eight weeks. A less-intensive color regimen will also give Heather’s hair a much-needed break from over-processing.


Final Low Maintenance Bob


We loved helping this busy mom transition to this rich, natural look. Good luck with your to-do list, Heather! We know you’ll look great while you’re getting things done.

September 29, 2016 - 1:08 am

Joyce Cutler - Heather’s hair looks great! Congrats to stylist, Laurie Cutler!


It’s not uncommon for us to sing the praises of L’ANZA, a company whose values are just as good as its products. L’ANZA Healing Haircare is environmentally conscious, never tests on animals, and uses oodles of natural botanicals and essential oils – all things that are good for your hair and your conscience. With all of our confidence in L’ANZA, we shouldn’t be surprised by the brilliance of Color Attach, their latest revolutionary product. And yet, the results of this color maintenance system have blown us away.


Here are two Color Attach products – developed to work in tandem – and how to use them:

Color Guard:

This product is essentially a shield for your hair. It prevents water-induced color fade by harnessing the power of the Lotus Plant leaf, one of nature’s most water-repellent surfaces. Swimmers, rejoice! Spraying this stuff on your dry hair before exposing it to chlorine will dramatically reduce color fade and breakage. You can also spray Color Guard on wet hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner. The antioxidants in the formula will prevent color degradation, and the weightless formula will leave hair soft and shiny.

Color Attach 1

Color Illuminator:

This spray-on product uses optical refraction technology to revamp older, faded color, making it appear richer and fresher than before. This product instantly illuminates color with renewed brilliance and shine – we’ve seen it happen! Trust us, this product will extend the life of your color. Just spray on dry hair as a finishing touch after styling. People will ask if you just walked out of the salon.

Color Attach 2

We’re not keeping this amazing secret to ourselves. So, if you have more questions about the L’ANZA Color Attach technology, drop in to either of our two locations and see the results for yourself.