Bassu Surface Hair Care Hydrate- Heal- Condition

The Babassu Palm tree, nicknamed the Tree of Life, provides the world with a babassu oil “known for it’s healing powers throughout the world.” While petroleum and mineral oils create a barrier on the hair, this “non-drying penetrating oil” moisturizes without coating or adding weight. Products made from the Babassu oils, combined with Aloe and Flax Seed oil, provide maximum moisture while healing and conditioning the hair.


Spring Hair Trends in 2015

By: Karley Brayden/ Teen Talk


Want to know a secret? The big hair trend for medium length hair this spring is… “The Chop”!!!!

The Chop is for girls who are tired of their long hair but do not feel ready to commit to a Bob yet. Think this might not look good on you? Add some cute to-the-side-bangs for the perfect haircut that frames anyone and everyone’s face. For example, actress Mena Suvari’s Cool Shoulder-length Cut is The Chop and the stylist framed bangs for Mena’s face structure. This beautiful actress said she needed bangs to hide a little bit of her larger forehead, looks great on her.

This cut is versatile as it may be worn straight and sleek or beach wavy by adding some loose curls, your call. The staff at 140 Salon and Drybar is always delighted to assist with styling tips!


Time for Smooth

Temperatures are heating up and we can tell that summer is around the corner. Given the warmer weather and swimsuits beckoning our bodies, there’s no better time to schedule a smoothing treatment. The crew at 140 Salon and Drybar recommends Kenra Smooth, a system that works to eliminate wave and frizz for up to 60 shampoos.


The benefits of this system are numerous and include:

1. Unlike some systems, after a Kenra treatment hair can be immediately washed after the service.

2. Our favorite, hair can be colored following the service, immediately!

3. Kenra does not add any products that are harmful, including formaldehyde. OSHA guidelines are followed, making this product a favorite of healthy living salons across the US.

4. Our favorite added benefit- enjoy 10% off until April 12 when you tell us that you saw this on the website. No other discounts allowed and excludes Keratin express service.

Trending and Trendy Men

Looking for a hairstyle to embrace? First word of advice, let your stylist know what your priorities are. We won’t suggest a high maintenance cut for the guy who feels the time restraints of family, work, or the party life. Some of the styles trending now are below, and we can help with any one of them.

1. Short and military style- for those with hair on the finer side. The ease of this style can not be understated, yet the short length and choppy texture makes your hair look fuller and stylish. A good clay- based molding wax (think L’Anza Dry Sculpt) helps maximize the texture.

2. Tousled with length- This style works great for a guy who has time to put into creating the look. You need to blow-dry the hair straight and then use L’Anza Dry Sculpt to complete the tousled look.

touseled hair