Eyebrows are the “in”

The Brows are “in” ladies and gentlemen! The bold messy/un-kept brow is showing up everywhere, from high end fashion shows to Vogue Magazine. Our brows are essential to our face, according to Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bars, “shape well, they have the power to change the overall appearance of our face, lending balance and symmetry.” The bold, messy brow is the “thing” now; however, keeping it too bold or too thin for the wrong facial structure, could become disastrous instead of fabulous. So, how do we know what shape is best fit for us to create that balance and symmetry for our face? Base it on the shape of your face. There are different types of shapes to the face such as heart, round, or square.


The heart shape face needs a bolder, bushier, straighter brow in order to create that balance and symmetry. A good brow icon to use as an example is Cara Delevingne. The round shape face is a little different. Those with more of a round face need to be careful, when arching the brow. If you over arch, it will make the face more circular. This particular individual needs to create more of an angular appearance by adding a soft point three quarters of the way along the brow. A good brow icon to use with a round face is Hanna Reid. Lastly, those with a square shape face need to focus on softening the face by creating curves in the brow, only pluck from the beneath the brow to create a pronounced arch directly above the iris. A good brow icon to use for this type of face shape is Sandra Bullock.

As you can see there are various types of brow shapes for certain facial shapes; particularly for the heart, round, and square shape. These tools will allow you and or your esthetician to take you from disastrous to fabulous! Come to salon 140 so we can make YOU look and feel fabulous.

Oh No, Summer Hair!

Oh No, Summer Hair!!!!!!

Summer hair care involves more than grabbing a bottle of your favorite sea salt spray and a headband. Hot weather and humidity can damage hair, resulting in frizz and dull color. To assist with summer time problems, we’ve created a simple haircare plan.


1. Summer activities require use of a clarifying shampoo.

L’Anza’s Healing Pure clarifying shampoo gently clarifies the hair without using harsh chemicals that can strip or dry the hair while the Keratin healing system protects your color.

Removing chlorine and product buildup will return bounce to the locks and refresh a dull color.

2. Hydration is required for hair and body.

Everything about summer is dehydrating, from summer sun to poolside margaritas. Mom preached it and magazines emphasize it- we must drink water, water, and more water. In addition to the water; however, you will need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Clarifying shampoo is not for daily use, so turn to the hydrating option if you shampoo more than once a week and follow with a hydrating conditioner after every shampoo. Keep a hydrating conditioner in your pool bag for extra summer protection. Apply a small amount to damp hair when sitting poolside and your locks will enjoy.

3. Don’t forget the trim.

Summer travels and poolside parties fill a calendar quickly, so don’t forget to book that summer trim appointment. Snipping the ends is always a good habit to help keep hair healthy and bouncy.

Getting Ready for Prom- from a girl’s perspective

Teen Talk by: Karley Brayden


Best night right around the corner and there is a lot left to do? Let’s break it down so that there is nothing left undone. Assuming the dress is purchased, don’t forget to try it on again two weeks before prom night. A tailor can adjust anything that might sag or bind, so no worries. Don’t forget to try the dress on with the shoes you will wear prom night, length is important as you want to stay upright. Speaking of shoes, wear those gorgeous “they say everything about me” shoes around the house days before the prom. You will be more comfortable in slightly broken-in shoes, without a doubt. The night of, spray the inside of your shoes with hairspray; this will keep your feet from sliding and make your dance moves smoother.

Schedule pedicure, manicure and hair appointment in close proximity to each other, if possible.

Allow plenty of time so there is no need to rush, thereby raising the anxiety level before lunch. Skylar, at 140 Salon and Drybar, suggests combining hair and make-up appointments at the same place, makes sense to us! Always best to take a picture of hair and make-up if you are dead set on a style, pictures convey more than words. If you are adventurous and request the stylist to be creative, prepare for the fun. Stylists love to express creativity, so sit back and be amazed. Give some consideration to adding a floral barrette or headband. Two of my favorite styles are pictured below and this prom girl added a simple headband for an out of this world unique look.


The day before prom;

1) pick up corsage

2) confirm ride arrangements

3) confirm dinner reservations

4) put your favorite lip gloss in the prom purse, along with a little cash or a card

5) confirm nail and hair appointment time

6) confirm before prom picture plans


Natural Hair- Lacking Moisture??

If you have sworn off relaxers and embraced natural hair then there are probably questions arising on a daily basis. Kristina, natural hair expert at 140 Salon and Drybar, is pleased to tackle those questions and concerns but, most importantly is here to teach clients to actively manage those locks. Natural hair does not necessarily mean shake and go, maintenance is required more often than not, so learn best practices now.

Surprised that moisture is a concern? This will be a much discussed topic in future posts but to begin on the right foot now, drink your eight glasses of water a day. Moisture is a critical part of growing and strengthening natural hair and water is the simplest addition to make in your day. Water hydrates the hair from the inside and provides energy to cells for growth, including cells for hair growth. Wow!! Take charge and fill that water bottle, it will benefit the skin and hair.

At home coloring may deplete the hair’s moisture, thereby making future moisture retention more difficult and the new color dull and flat. If you desire color, consider scheduling a complimentary consult with our natural hair expert, Kristina. The health of the hair will be assessed and a best approach plan to color can be determined. If the hair is not healthy enough for a chemical process then recommendations towards improving the state of the hair may be made prior to a color plan, this decision is best left to the experts.

Look for upcoming blogs and don’t hesitate to schedule a natural hair appointment with Kristina.

Embracing natural hair with confidence can be a path more easily traveled with a guide.

Bassu Surface Hair Care Hydrate- Heal- Condition

The Babassu Palm tree, nicknamed the Tree of Life, provides the world with a babassu oil “known for it’s healing powers throughout the world.” While petroleum and mineral oils create a barrier on the hair, this “non-drying penetrating oil” moisturizes without coating or adding weight. Products made from the Babassu oils, combined with Aloe and Flax Seed oil, provide maximum moisture while healing and conditioning the hair.