Hair Issues, Solutions!!

1) Oily roots are ruining my look. Oily roots can create a bad hair day due to limp locks or the dreaded wet head look. To soak up the oils, spritz a dry shampoo on the roots where oil is present and then brush thoroughly to remove oil. Our staff top pick is Dry Texture Spray by L’Anza. The hair enjoys several benefits from this product; an invisible natural mineral clay powder absorbs excess oil, leaving the hair weightless while the Copaiba Tree Resin provides style memory. Dry Texture Spray provides a fresh clean, unisex scent and will be enjoyed by all.

2) I straightened my hair and now it’s dry. If you indulge in chemical services or use flat irons, curling irons, or dryers then your hair needs extra hydration. Our recommended first step is to experience an in-salon professional Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service. Currently, this is the only professional service that heals critically damaged hair; it works by restoring the hair’s integrity through improving strength, resiliency, smoothness, and shine. Clients enjoy an immediate improvement. This two step service works by first allowing Self-Assembling Peptides to compose a framework within damaged hair tissue, and then by permuting the healing materials of step two to attach and rebuild the anatomy of the hair. We also recommend that the client continue the healing process with the use of at home products, such as L’Anza Healing Oil shampoo and conditioner.


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