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Bright sun, swimming, and sweat are all aspects of summer that wreak havoc on what would otherwise be nothing but fun – your summer makeup look. But with so many cool shades and tones to choose from, summer heat doesn’t have to dull your plans. Here are some tips from our make-up artist Kourtney Whicker to keep you bright and beautiful all summer long:

GloMinerals Primer

1. Go with a lightweight moisturizer that offers SPF protection of at least 15 (you have to protect that skin!). Dermalogica offers several choices for various skin types, including a solar defense booster that can be added to any moisturizer (how cool is that?).


2. Mineral based make-up, such as GloMinerals, is a great choice for the summer. Any form of hydration actually improves the look of mineral makeup. So, it looks better when you sweat? Yep.


3. Avoid cream concealers that will melt in the summer heat. Instead, instead choose a liquid concealer – like the GloMinerals Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer – and set with a light powder.


4. For a fresh, dewy look perfect for summer nights, highlight the high points of the face – cheekbones, sides of the forehead, and the inner corner of each eye. Your face will look brighter and people will wonder where you got your glow!


5. Think neutral color for the eyes. Metallics in neutral tones are very trendy this summer and can add creative expression to your makeup look. Plus, these coppery-gold neutrals will look gorgeous on sun-kissed skin.


6. For go-to summer glow, choose a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. A warm blush color may be applied over the bronzer for a nice finish.


7. Finish your look with a neutral color lip gloss. Glosses reflect light, making them the perfect choice for summer.

Salon Makeup

And that’s it! Go on, beautiful! You’re ready to dazzle!

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