It doesn’t matter if you spend your day in a pencil skirt or a pair of sweat pants – being a mom is always hard work. You’re head honcho to your kids no matter what your title might be – and that means a whole lot of diapers to change, dinners to make, and play dates to plan (and not much time leftover for you).


So if you spend your week (and your weekend) in yoga pants and a disheveled ponytail, we don’t blame you, because we know how hard your job is.  But we’re here to tell you that there might be a better way, for your hair at least!


What you need is a low-maintenance, wash-and-go cut. We call this one the wash-and-go bob. Don’t worry, we promise this isn’t the feathered, helmet-like “mom-bob” you were always afraid you’d end up with. This is an updated look – sexy and tousled and not the least bit boring (also, we think it’ll make you look younger, not older!). This cut works best if your hair is curly and textured, but you can make it work for any hair type. Ask your stylist for a layered bob with piecey bangs (in fact, ask for piecey layering throughout, which creates a look that is lush and natural, but not messy). This bob is slightly stacked in the back to bring up your hair’s volume, and has a touch of asymmetry, with the front layers a bit longer than the back.

mom bob

To style, simply wash and condition as usual. Then, apply a dime-sized amount of curl cream to your palms  (we love Surface Curls Smoothing Cream) and run fingers through your hair, starting at the roots. For more defined curls, twirl strands around your fingers while you still have product on your hands. Then, gently dry with a diffuser (or don’t!).  This cut also works beautifully when you let it air dry. That’s why it works for moms who hardly have time to brush their teeth in the morning, let alone complete elaborate beauty rituals. Styling this cut shouldn’t take you any longer than it takes you to read this paragraph!



If your hair is straight or has just a little bit of wave, you can still pull off this cut. Ask your stylist for the same type of layered bob. To style, you can use a curling iron to shape a few pieces at the crown of your hair and around your hairline (to add volume and frame the face). Then, pull your fingers through the curls after lightly spritzing with a light hold hairspray. Another trick we love is beach spray – like Surface Swirl Sea Salt Spray or L’ANZA’s Beach Spray – these add wave and texture, creating a fun, windswept look.


The Updated "Mom Bob"

The Updated “Mom Bob”


And moms, please, please, please never underestimate the power of dry shampoo. This stuff is seriously the best thing that ever happened to busy moms. Our favorites are L’ANZA’s Healing Style Powder-Up Texturizer or Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo.  If you’re having a particularly crazy morning, just spray this stuff on your roots, run hands through your hair, and walk out the door. Dry shampoo adds volume and separation and smells great (so your hair will look shiny and smell freshly washed, even it really, really isn’t). Don’t worry. We won’t tell.


You have enough worries – let us give you a haircut that won’t be one of them!






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