Sombré is the new way to do highlights, and we are loving it. Ombré – which translates to “shaded” in French – is a sort of “dip-dye” approach to hair color, with darker color at the roots that blends down to lighter hues at the tips. Ombré took the celebrity world by storm, and now it’s back – in a slightly different form. Sombré is ombré’s softer, more subtle sister. With sombré, the highlights are even more layered and naturally placed, creating a look that is elegantly understated and chic.

Here are our reasons for being so sweet on sombré:

1. Subtle is sexy. With the sombré technique, color is applied with gentle, sweeping strokes. The roots won’t appear as dark or as bold as they do with ombré, and the color will blend together seamlessly from root to tip. You’ll get a more natural, blended look than what you get with classic ombré or traditional highlights. And the resulting look is one of effortless style – you’ll look beautiful without looking like you’re trying. The very best in au naturel!

Blonde Sombre Hair Style by Kara from 140 Salon

Hair by Kara

2. It’s (really) low-maintenance. Unlike foil highlights or ombré, the ultra-blended look of sombré makes your roots less noticeable, and there’s no definite demarcation line. So, you can go eight weeks or even longer between color appointments and still look lovely! That’s why spring is a great time to go sombré – you can have fuss-free hair for the summer and a natural, sun-kissed look that was made for the beach.

Dark Sombre Hairstyle by Lani from 140 Salon

Hair by Lani

3. It’s diverse. Sombré is a beautiful way to add rich dimension to any hair color. Chocolate, auburn, and burgundy highlights are gorgeous on brunettes. Ash, caramel, and golden highlights are beautiful on blondes. This color trend can look great on just about anyone, no matter the color, texture, or length of hair.

The stylists at 140 Salon & Dry Bar love this subtle little sister to ombré. Call today for a color consult, and let us add some soft, luminous dimension to your hair!

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