The days are getting longer. Temperatures are rising. Any day now, the pools will open and you’ll be packing a beach bag with sunscreen and shades. Summer. Is. Here. And so are summer hairstyles. Today’s blog is really a tribute to our favorite summer hairstyle of all – the ponytail. It gets the hair off the back of your neck and helps cool you down on the hottest summer days.

In recent years, the ponytail has undergone a high fashion makeover. This cute and simple style isn’t just for schoolgirls anymore – women are wearing ponytails at work, on dates, and on the red carpet. The key is finding the right ponytail style for every occasion. Here are our top picks.

The Date Night Ponytail

This lovely style feels glamorous and sleek and is fancy enough to pair with heels and your favorite summer dress. The extra length – achieved by putting the hair in two ponytails, one disguised by the other – gives this ponytail a graceful movement that will woo anyone following in your wake. It’s absolutely the best date night style. For a detailed tutorial on how to pull this off at home, check out our sweetheart ponytail tutorial.

Date Night Ponytail Example 1Date night ponytail example 2 closeup

The Romantic Ponytail

This one puts us in the mood of Juliet leaning over the balcony to hear Romeo’s sweet whispers on a starlit night. It’s a low ponytail secured loosely with a hair band at the base of the neck, with wisps of hair pulled free to frame the face. Complete the dreamy, whimsical feel by adding a thick ribbon in a bohemian hue –dusty pink or robin’s egg blue.

Romantic Ponytail

The Sporty Ponytail

Sure, it might be tempting to skip your morning run when temperatures are climbing in to the 90s. Our suggestion? Run in the early morning or late evening before the sun gets too hot – and wear your hear in this sporty, slicked back pony. This is the ponytail in its original state – all your hair smoothed back from the forehead (hairspray, bobby pins, or a texturizing spray will help) and secured in the middle back of your head with a hair band. While this is a great style for working out, it can also be an iconic summer look when you pair it with cool sunglasses, a tank top, and cut-offs. Hello, summer!

Sporty Ponytail

All hail the summer ponytail!

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