For the entire month of July, 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar will have a travel station – pick your favorite L’ANZA Shampoo and Conditioner and we’ll transfer it to a travel bottle for just $5.00!

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There’s plenty to do in Durham during the summer months – hit the pool, cool off in the Eno River, or enjoy the beautifully curated (and air conditioned!) shops and restaurants in our thriving downtown. But the best summers always include at least a little bit of travel. We’d love two weeks in Paris (who wouldn’t?), but we’d also settle for a weekend road trip to the coast or the mountains. Whether you’re going east, west, or across the ocean, it’s always smart to pack light. And if you are boarding that plane to Paris, TSA guidelines are stricter than ever – which means no liquids in amounts greater than 3 oz.


Eyeliners and blushes comes in slim cases, and travel-size deodorants and lotions are easy to find in drug stores, but what to do with those bottles of salon shampoo and conditioner? And what about your styling products? We don’t want to suggest that you hair won’t look just lovely without your best products, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared when it comes to your beauty routine, now is it? You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the city of love without your best lipstick, and your hair doesn’t want to be stuck there without its favorite shampoo, either.


Here’s our essential list to help you care for you hair while traveling:


1. Start with your shampoo and conditioner (and we’re not talking about the sulfate-laden brands you find in the drug store travel section). Instead, visit 140 and select the best L’ANZA shampoo and conditioner for your hair and travel destination (Healing Color if you just got new highlights, Healing Moisture if you’re traveling to an arid location). We’ll fill travel bottles of your favorite L’ANZA for just $5.00 each!


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2. If you’re going to be away longer than a day or two, bring a dry shampoo like L’ANZA’s Healing Style Dry Texture Spray. This in-between-washes fix is the perfect way to plump up your stands and give your hair texture and shine, all with with minimal effort. Just pop this 1.5 oz bottle in your cosmetics bag, and you have fresh-looking hair to go!


3. Trauma Treatment. We don’t have too much to say about this L’ANZA product except … don’t leave home without it. Ever. It’s an amazing deep conditioner and heat protectant. On-the-go luxury care for your hair, in a 1.7 oz bottle.

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4. Styling products for your hair type. Curly hair? Grab a bottle of Surface Curls Smoothing Cream (2 oz). For shorter styles that need more sculpting, bring a bottle of L’ANZA Healing Style Taffy (2.5 oz). For longer hair that needs styling, grab L’ANZA’s Lustrous Finishing Spray in the Spraystick travel size (1.25 oz).


5. Finally, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you know that the quality of the blow dryers provided in the rooms is underwhelming at best. If you have longer hair, it might be worth it to invest in a travel size blow dryer that really works, like the BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Dryer which folds down to a compact size, is cute as can be, and weighs only 1.7 lbs.


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Bon Voyage!

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