Trending and Trendy Men

Looking for a hairstyle to embrace? First word of advice, let your stylist know what your priorities are. We won’t suggest a high maintenance cut for the guy who feels the time restraints of family, work, or the party life. Some of the styles trending now are below, and we can help with any one of them.

1. Short and military style- for those with hair on the finer side. The ease of this style can not be understated, yet the short length and choppy texture makes your hair look fuller and stylish. A good clay- based molding wax (think L’Anza Dry Sculpt) helps maximize the texture.

2. Tousled with length- This style works great for a guy who has time to put into creating the look. You need to blow-dry the hair straight and then use L’Anza Dry Sculpt to complete the tousled look.

touseled hair

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