Surface – Leave in Conditioner



We love that this product is not filled with silicones but rather proteins, extracts and oils that nourish the hair from the inside out.  Amaranth protein thickens fine hair while the Babassu Oil and Botanicals condition and detangle; in addition, the Color Vita-Complex provides color protection. The product contains certified organic botanicals to naturally treat, condition and style, without any harsh irritants, perfumes or dyes.  Awaken Mist by Surface Hair just launched this month and we love it!


Wet hair: Alex recommends spraying onto damp hair prior to detangling and styling.

Dry hair: Miranda recommends using as a thermal press- Mist onto dry hair, comb and press with flat iron.


Hair Care Myth: Hairbrushing

The 140 crew is taking on one myth of hair care this week. Remember when Mom said to brush your hair a hundred times a day and hair will shine. Well, turns out that this was a myth and one that could actually be damaging to the hair. As over-brushing may cause cuticle damage and breakage due to created friction on the scalp, minimal brushing should be the new easy style habit (and the extra time you have now been gifted can be better spent in a yoga position or checking out the latest Pinterest hairstyles). For a fraction of the price of most hairbrushes, a wet brush purchase is recommended by all the staff at 140, makes a perfect stocking stuffer. With Intelliflex bristles, this brush detangles and runs through hair smoothly, eliminating all tears and ouches.



Meet the Crew – Alex

We are back with another edition of Meet the Crew! You can also read more about Lauren and Brooke. Today get to know a little more about Alex with the facts below:

She grew up in Durham, North Carolina. Alex states that the most unique thing about her is her personality, she is very outgoing and comical. Her favorite hobby is hanging out with friends and family and enjoying every moment of life. She love cooking and also learning new things about the hair industry as far as different techniques in cutting and coloring. Alex states that her most inspirational person is her mother – “She never ever gave up and she always had a smile on her face. She taught me how to be kind and also live every day like it is your last.”

Alex’s fashion influence is probably Kylie Jenner. She loves her edgy style and how she can rock any outfit or accessory and be very confident about it. She love people who have their own style and hair style and walk around with their head held high.

Alex attended cosmetology school in Greenville, NC. They focused mainly on color and seeing peoples smiling faces when they walked out of the door. A long term goal of hers is to own a salon. She also wants to eventually go back to school for fashion design or marketing to end up having her own clothing line and show off my work at fashion shows in big cities.

Her best hair advice is to take 100% care of it. There is a big difference between products you get from the drugstore and products you gets from an actual salon. Use the products that best fits you!

If she could live anywhere in the world it would be in New York because she loves how there is such a variety in people and the way they act, dress, and also what they do in general as far as career goes. When she am not at work she is likely at home with her cute dog Jada or shopping for new outfits & makeup. Alex’s favorite music is country and pop. She love Jason Andean, Luke Bryan, & Rascal Flatts, Coldplay, Goo Goo dolls, and The Fray. The best concert she has ever been to was T-Pain, Kelly Rowland, and Chris Brown. she loves to sing and to hear other people use their voices and seeing the look on their faces about how that song relates to them.

Her favorite part of the cosmetology industry is making people feel beautiful and happy. She really does love seeing her clients’ faces when they walk out of the salon and they look happier than ever. Also she loves coloring and mixing different color formulas to make a certain color. It’s so fun for her to experiment and try new things!

Meet the Crew – Lauren

We’re back for our second installment of – meet the crew. Every few weeks we’re going to be highlighting an artist so you can get to know them a little better! You can read our profile of Brooke here. This week, let’s learn a little about Lauren.


Lauren graduated from the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. In her spare time she can often be found outside, at the barn, doing an occasional workout, and spending at much time with her family as possible! She also loves listening to country music especially George Strait & Miranda Lambert.


She was born and raised in Durham & definitely calls it home. Lauren also loves spending time on Tobacco Road. She has a yorkie named Gracie Mae whom she calls her fur child. She also has an Arabian horse named Tynann. One day she hopes to own an oceanfront property.


When asked what people normally comment on, she says it’s her personality – she always has a smile on her face. Lauren is extremely outgoing – she has never met a stranger.


Carrie Underwood is Lauren’s fashion inspiration because she looks stunning in an elegant dress but can also rock a casual outfit. Not to mention her hair always looks fabulous. Lauren’s universal tip for clients is when you are rinsing your hair for the final time in the shower try doing it with cool water. It adds shine & smoothness to hair, and especially for clients with color, it helps hair color lasts longer.

June 25, 2014 - 9:37 am

Meet the Crew – Alex » 140salon - […] are back with another edition of Meet the Crew! You can also read more about Lauren and Brooke. Today get to know a little more about Alex with the facts […]