For the entire month of July, 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar will have a travel station – pick your favorite L’ANZA Shampoo and Conditioner and we’ll transfer it to a travel bottle for just $5.00!

Travel Bag 1


There’s plenty to do in Durham during the summer months – hit the pool, cool off in the Eno River, or enjoy the beautifully curated (and air conditioned!) shops and restaurants in our thriving downtown. But the best summers always include at least a little bit of travel. We’d love two weeks in Paris (who wouldn’t?), but we’d also settle for a weekend road trip to the coast or the mountains. Whether you’re going east, west, or across the ocean, it’s always smart to pack light. And if you are boarding that plane to Paris, TSA guidelines are stricter than ever – which means no liquids in amounts greater than 3 oz.


Eyeliners and blushes comes in slim cases, and travel-size deodorants and lotions are easy to find in drug stores, but what to do with those bottles of salon shampoo and conditioner? And what about your styling products? We don’t want to suggest that you hair won’t look just lovely without your best products, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared when it comes to your beauty routine, now is it? You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the city of love without your best lipstick, and your hair doesn’t want to be stuck there without its favorite shampoo, either.


Here’s our essential list to help you care for you hair while traveling:


1. Start with your shampoo and conditioner (and we’re not talking about the sulfate-laden brands you find in the drug store travel section). Instead, visit 140 and select the best L’ANZA shampoo and conditioner for your hair and travel destination (Healing Color if you just got new highlights, Healing Moisture if you’re traveling to an arid location). We’ll fill travel bottles of your favorite L’ANZA for just $5.00 each!


Travel Bag 2

Lanza Travel Size 3


2. If you’re going to be away longer than a day or two, bring a dry shampoo like L’ANZA’s Healing Style Dry Texture Spray. This in-between-washes fix is the perfect way to plump up your stands and give your hair texture and shine, all with with minimal effort. Just pop this 1.5 oz bottle in your cosmetics bag, and you have fresh-looking hair to go!


3. Trauma Treatment. We don’t have too much to say about this L’ANZA product except … don’t leave home without it. Ever. It’s an amazing deep conditioner and heat protectant. On-the-go luxury care for your hair, in a 1.7 oz bottle.

Sunglasses Bikini Travel 5
Travel Bag 4


4. Styling products for your hair type. Curly hair? Grab a bottle of Surface Curls Smoothing Cream (2 oz). For shorter styles that need more sculpting, bring a bottle of L’ANZA Healing Style Taffy (2.5 oz). For longer hair that needs styling, grab L’ANZA’s Lustrous Finishing Spray in the Spraystick travel size (1.25 oz).


5. Finally, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you know that the quality of the blow dryers provided in the rooms is underwhelming at best. If you have longer hair, it might be worth it to invest in a travel size blow dryer that really works, like the BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Dryer which folds down to a compact size, is cute as can be, and weighs only 1.7 lbs.


Travel Bag 6


Bon Voyage!


At 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar, we love color – mermaid blue, cotton-candy pink, tangerine orange, sunset lavender, sangria red. But we’re not talking about abstract paintings or interior decorating – we’re talking about your hair! Dye in wild shades isn’t a new trend – we saw it in the 1980’s as a punk-rock look, and teenagers have been dying their hair with Kool-Aid for decades. But now we have access to rich, high quality dyes like L’ANZA Vibes Hair Color that use revolutionary dye technology to create mirror-reflective color results in vibrant hues. These new high-impact dyes are taking the kaleidoscope hair trend to a whole new level.


rainbow color

Our stylists can achieve almost any color. Still, transforming your hair’s palette is not quite as simple as bringing in a swatch of your favorite color and asking your stylist to apply it to your hair. For one thing, if your hair is dark brown or black, you may need to go through a couple of lightening processes to lift the darker tones before you can achieve the color you want. Also, you’ll need to consult with your stylist about the lifestyle look you’re going for. You may want a hip, edgy look in all-over-blue or a sleek and subtle lavender ombre that’s also modern and cool.

Rainbow Hair 2



Ultimately, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your hair’s new hue – go for a tie-dyed effect with color-dipped ends, try highlights in contrasting colors, or alternate complimentary colors for a soft, blended look. We will work with you to achieve the hair of your technicolor dreams.

Rainbow Hair 3

With this kind of color, it’s important to know how to care for your hair after you get home. First, it is crucial that you use color safe shampoo for any hair color, but especially for specialty hues (we recommend L’ANZA Healing Color Care shampoo and conditioner). Also, these bright hues are more prone to fading than traditional colors – that’s why you should also rinse your hair with cool water and do regular conditioning treatments to keep the color vibrant.


Lanza Color Vibes


Now through the end of July, $20 men’s cuts at 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar if you book with a Next Generation Stylist!


Guys, please believe us when we tell you that salons are not just for women – especially not at 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar. Thirty percent of our clients are men, and we love seeing them walk through our doors (and we also think they enjoy being here!).


mens cut 1

So, here’s what you get every time you visit 140 for a cut:


* Consultation. We’ll take the time to help you discover the look that’s right for your lifestyle. We can do anything from a basic buzz cut to an edgy undercut. Currently, our favorite men’s look is this sexy pompadour, which is part gentlemanly sophistication and part hipster cool.


mens cut 2

Pompadour by Alex V


* Expert Advice. Our stylists can educate you on which products are right for your hair and how to use them. We carry several products (from both L’ANZA and Surface) made just for men. Surface Men Styling Mud is one of our tried-and-true favorites for hold and subtle shine that doesn’t look stiff or flaky.


* Amazing Customer Service. We provide a warm towel treatment after your haircut to relax you and get rid of those pesky post-haircut itches. And we’ll always offer you a complimentary beverage (or two!). Does coffee, wine, or a specialty beer sound good? We thought so!


* Great Conversation. Think you’ll miss the friendly banter at the barbershop? We do that, too! We have an experienced staff of both male and female stylists who will make you feel at ease. We love getting to know our clients!



Guys, come on in and let us take care of you!


Book your appointment today with a Next Generation Stylist!

Mens Cut 3


When Amanda joined the crew at 140 Salon & Blow Dry Bar shortly after its grand opening, her black and white Pomeranian Oliver came along with her. Since then, Oliver has been camped out in his tiny pet bed behind Amanda’s booth, keeping an eye on everything that goes on in the salon. If his mom makes a visit to the shampoo bowls or the break room, he is always right on her heels. Like his mom, Oliver is always stylishly dressed in the salon’s signature black and white. This five-and-a-half-pound cutie is 140’s best accessory.

A and O Close Up

Amanda is clearly a dog lover. She’s also an adventurous spirit who loves to travel, an avid reader, and a Maine native. Since she moved to the Triangle area nine years ago, her favorite travel destinations have been the North Carolina beach and mountains as well as nearby cities like Washington D.C. She’s currently reading Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, and she spends a lot of time online stalking the location of the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck (which apparently has a lobster roll just as good as what she gets back home). Back in Maine, Amanda studied Cosmetology at the Spa Tech Institute. She is a Master Stylist who has been doing hair for twelve years, and her experience shows in her work.


Amanda is particularly gifted at the art of consultation – she listens carefully to each client so that she really understands the look each individual is hoping to achieve. Amanda’s artistic approach takes into account the client’s lifestyle and best features, resulting in custom cuts that clients love. Amanda also does a beautiful job with color – in particular, she loves natural-looking highlights in blonde hair, and rich, auburn highlights in darker hair. She also has fun practicing specialty color on Oliver – currently, his tail is a lovely shade of blue.

A and O Profile

Amanda’s favorite clients are local Durhamites who are hip to the downtown scene – she loves to keep up with Durham events, whether

it’s a food truck rodeo, a restaurant opening, or a music festival. She also likes to talk to her clients about books and travel destinations. Amanda is the kind of stylist who makes long-lasting relationships with clients. One they get used to her candid sense of humor and her excellent haircuts, they can’t stay away.


So, keep an eye out for this duo around town – you might seem them hiking together on the Eno, one of their favorite outdoor spots, or snacking on their favorite foods – ice cream for Amanda (any flavor!) and Woofums for Oliver (the beef jerky kind, please!). Or you can visit them in the salon by booking an appointment for a gorgeous cut or color with Amanda – even better!



A and O Action Shot


We love summer: lazing in the sun, lounging at the pool, playing at the beach. With all that time spent outdoors, you know you need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. But what about protecting your hair (without hiding it under a hat)? This week, our stylists are offering up tips to help you shield your hair from the harsh effects of sun, salt, and chlorine. Here’s their advice:

1. Condition it. During the summer, you should be using conditioning treatments regularly. Spray in LANZA’s Noni Fruit Leave-In Conditioner after washing, and you’ll get smooth, manageable hair that smells great. Like all of LANZA’s styling products, this hydrating spray also includes UVA, UVB, and UVC protection – a moisture-locking sunscreen for your hair!

Leave In Conditioner

2. Braid it. Braids are a gorgeous look for summer – but we don’t love them just because they’re beautiful. They also keep hair off of your neck in the hot weather and help to protect your hair from the sun (when your strands are folded into a braid, they’re getting less UV exposure). Braids are also a natural way to give your hair some body. Braid your hair while it is still damp, get your beauty rest, and then take out your braids in the morning – you’ll end up with effortless, beachy waves. Another great professional tip: press a flat iron to the braid (once the hair is dry) to make waves more defined.

Flatiron Braid

3. Coat it. Your hair is like a sponge. When it’s dry, it will soak up any moisture you apply to it. That’s why you should never jump into a pool with dry hair. Instead, wet it first and then coat it with LANZA’s Trauma Treatment before swimming. Hair that is already wet is less able to soak up the harsh chemicals in the pool, and the Trauma Treatment will act as an additional barrier.

4. Tame it. Summer humidity can make you hair go wild. To tame the tresses, use a curl cream for curly hair, which is most prone to frizz. For wavy or straight hair, try a smoothing serum. Our top picks are L’ANZA’s Curl Define Cream (apply to damp hair and then air dry) and L’ANZA’s Neem Plant Silk Serum (apply to damp hair before blow drying for thermal protection, then add to dry hair for shine).

Beach Bag Hair

And there you go – quick tips for a season of healthy hair! Enjoy!