Cheers from 140 to The Best of The Triangle Business Community!

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It’s that time of year again – the Indy Week’s Best of the Triangle 2016!

The reader’s poll opened on February 15th and stays open until March 6th. Here’s how the voting is a little different this year: During the next two weeks, readers can write in their nominations in over 300 categories. There is no minimum vote requirement – you can vote in one category, or in all 300. Only the top four finalists in each category will be loaded back into the Best of the Triangle ballot, which will run April 25th through May 15th. Winners will be announced in the June 8th Best of the Triangle Issue. For now, all you have to do is nominate your Triangle favorites.

But before the voting even begins, we want to propose a toast to all of our fellow business owners in the Triangle.


At 140, we work hard to give our customers the best possible experience – whether it’s a specialty blowout, a Beautiful Bride updo, or a completely new look.

And we know that our fellow business owners are out there doing the same thing – working hard on the best burger and the most authentic taco, or carefully curating the items in that little gift shop where you can always find just the right thing. No matter what your trade, it feels good when your efforts are recognized and appreciated by the community you serve.

We consider ourselves lucky to live in a business community as vibrant as the Triangle’s. Every day, brand-new businesses are opening their doors alongside established businesses who have been in the area for years. This result is an unparalleled wealth of products and services, all within reach of Triangle residents. This thriving business community relies on its customers to keep it healthy and growing, but it also relies on the goodwill and positive energy of other business owners in the community.

Best of luck to all of our fellow business owners! And to our clients, get out there and vote!

February 20, 2016 - 7:20 pm

Jessica Stratmon - I love 140 salon dry bar ! Miranda high is a great stylist I refer a lot of my friends to her. She is doing my hair for my wedding as well. She always knows how to make a girl feel special !

The Sweetheart Ponytail, Your Valentine’s Day ‘Do

Valentines Hair

This sweet simple style is perfect for a romantic date night. Just pair it with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!


Here are Miranda’s tips for creating the perfect sweetheart ponytail:

First, create volume by teasing the top layer of hair. Before pulling hair into a ponytail, use a brush to gently smooth down that top layer for a smooth, sweet look.


Next, section the hair and divide it into two ponytails. The primary ponytail should be at the crown of the head, or slightly lower; the second should be smaller and placed towards the back of the head. Secure with rubberbands.


After pulling the hair back into two ponytails, vertically insert bobby pins at the base of each ponytail. This will give the final look a little more lift while also making the ponytails more secure.


Spray the hair with a conditioning thermal protectant (like L’ANZA’s Magic Bullet), and then use a curling iron to create soft, loose curls.


Wrap one piece of hair around the base of the top ponytail (hiding the rubberband) and secure with bobby pins. This simple trick creates an elegant, polished look.


Smooth down any flyaways with a bit of hairspray and you now have a perfect date night ponytail! (By the way, that second ponytail is disguised by the higher one on top and gives the illusion of one long ponytail for a sleek, longer look.)


See, you look amazing! And the roses smell great, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day, from the 140 Crew!


140 in the Community


When families first check in to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, they are greeted by the smell of cookies fresh out of the oven. Once a week for the past eighteen months, the 140 Crew has had the privilege of helping to fill the house with this warm, comforting smell. Occasionally, we also help out with an evening meal. This past week, Cate, Skyler, and Sydney baked brownies, cookies, and chocolate-pretzel treats in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen. Cate said that the best part of being there was “seeing what a blessing it is for families who are having a hard time to have a happy place to go.” Spend any time at all at Ronald McDonald House of Durham and you’ll agree with Cate – the place is clearly a blessing – not just to the families who stay there, but also to the community that helps to support its necessary and vital presence here in Durham.


ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald

Ronald McDonald House of Durham provides a home away from home for families with seriously ill children from all over the world. Because Duke can offer specialized treatments such as infant organ transplants and bone marrow transplants, families often travel great distances to receive care for their loved ones. In fact, the closest distance to home for a family staying at Ronald McDonald House of Durham is fifty miles away, and many families travel much, much farther. Despite these distances, the Ronald McDonald House truly is a home, complete with an inviting kitchen, a warm fireplace, cozy bedrooms, and people who care.


Want to volunteer at Ronald McDonald House, too? No group is too big or too small. Anyone – from Girl Scout troops to large corporate organizations and youth groups – can find a way to be purposeful at the Ronald McDonald House. Assistance is needed on a daily basis: baking cookies at check-in time, preparing homemade suppers, organizing nighttime activities (movie night, anyone?), or hosting a weekend brunch. Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House of Durham is an opportunity to be part of a rich and supportive community.


Clay Ragan, the Volunteer Coordinator, says that the best part of working at Ronald McDonald House of Durham is not just the sense of community within the house itself, but also “seeing the feedback from the [larger Durham] community.” The incredibly positive response from the community to the needs of the house – in volunteers, in-kind donations, and in support of events like the Hearts of Gold Gala on March 4th – is indeed a positive reflection on the area in which we live.

Meet Dani & Nick

Dani and Nick joined the 140 Team in October, and they have been pleasing our clients ever since. Here’s why we’re so lucky to have them:

dani & nick blog post


Dani, a North Carolina native, grew up helping out in her father’s salon. As a result, she has much more experience than her youthful appearance reveals. She graduated from the Cosmetology School at Coastal Carolina in 2009 and came to our salon earlier this year. Dani is a hip stylist with an edgy look who is also a magician when it comes to color. One of Dani’s loyal clients, Judy G., told us about a time when the electricity went out in Dani’s old salon, and Dani had to wash out Judy’s color by flashlight (and the color still came out perfectly)! Dani is a gifted, capable stylist who can help you figure out what look is right for you. In Judy’s words, “You can trust her – just let her do what she thinks is best for your hair.”


Nick comes to us from the small town of Saline, Michigan. He moved to North Carolina in 2008 to attend the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill and graduated in 2009. Nick went on to work in Aveda salons before landing at 140, where he found the more vibrant, downtown location he’d been looking for. Nick has an excellent rapport with his clients and is focused on meeting each client’s individual needs. Nick’s specialties include styling (finish work, such as blowouts, curling, and flat ironing) and natural-looking, dimensional color. Nick is also a balyage master, and his favorite cut is a layered, piecey look on longer hair. Many of Nick’s clients, when they check out, tell us that they just love Nick and his personal approach to hair care. We feel exactly the same way.


Welcome, Nick and Dani!

Resolutions? Who needs ’em?

These beauty tips from gloMinerals are so fun, you won’t have to resolve to do them at all. In fact, we think you’ll probably look forward to them.

140 resolutions

This year, we want you to think about your approach to beauty differently. It’s not about dragging yourself to the gym or giving up that (not so?) occasional glass of red wine. It’s not about a daily skin care regime so complicated that you need a study guide. Instead, it’s about doing the small things that make you feel good. Sure, a few of the items on this list take a little discipline (cleaning your makeup brushes, drinking enough water, washing that makeup off at the end of the day), but most of them are about being playful and reenergizing your beauty routine. So, go ahead, check out this fun list of beauty resolutions from the glo beauty blog.

And cheers to new lip color and new ways to uncover beautiful you!

February 10, 2016 - 3:06 pm

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